100% Organic Feminine Hygiene Collection

Vegan Ingredients

Revitalize + Restore + Refresh

Yoni Steaming at the Palace

Womb Healing

King “D” Steams

Couple Steams

Queen Ni’s Pretty Kitty Collection is for a luxurious Queen who knows how to treat her Kitty.

The Kitty Collection is made with all organic ingredients, like coconut oil, organic flavor oil, and vegan bases. Each product not only freshens but helps to improve the female experience. Our Clients report improved dryness relief, and less yeast infections. not only dose this wash help with moisture, the gentle blend of coconut oil and the vegan base removes toxins and leaves you kitty refreshed.

These products are excellent on your cycle and in fact are recommend you use daily for best results.

Remember ladies prevention is easier than correction.

Let a few of our original Kitty Queens tell you about their experience with our collection..